Coolsculpting has been the way people achieve their desired figure when stubborn body fat just won’t quit, despite all your hard work in the gym and eating healthy. Sometimes pockets of fat just hang around because that’s the hand genetics dealt us. And now CoolSculpting has developed even further, improving on original technology to offer a totally new experience. Its called ELITE.

ELITE is an upgrade in almost every way. It’s a smaller size, more efficient, has a sleeker design, it’s more efficient with its space and energy use, and offers a larger variety of options for the same amount of treatment time. We think when it comes time to commit to a CoolScultping treatment, ELITE is the only way to go.

Below are five reasons you should spring for the CoolSculpting ELITE option.

More Fat Reduction

While the classic model is already pretty strong when it comes to fat reduction, ELITE has improved on the fat reduction capabilities. With ELITE you can get 20-25% more unwanted fat reduction which makes it the best stats out there for fat freezing technology.

More Coverage

Coolsculpting offers a variety of options to cover parts of your body where stubborn fat hangs out. But with ELITE you can get up to 18% more skin surface coverage. This means targeting more fat cells without having to sit through a longer treatment time.

A Decade of Improvement

ELITE didn’t just come out of nowhere. CoolSculpting has been around and providing best in class fat freezing technology. ELITE is the culmination of 10 years of experience and technological improvements to provide a sleeker, more compact, and superior fat reduction technology that takes the same amount of time.

More Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting has always been excellent when it comes to providing a variety of treatment areas. But now, ELITE, is offering the “every size” applications that can get the job done across a total of 9 treatment areas. And on the traditional areas like stomach and neck you can see a huge improvement in the precision of fat reduction thanks to these new tools.


CoolSculpting’s traditional model utilizes only one applicator meaning you can only ever hit one treatment area at a time. All ELITE models come with two applicators which saves space when it comes to technology and means you can treat up to four body areas simultaneously with two ELITE machines.

Related Questions

What is the cost of using Coolsculpting ELITE?

This is something that can really only be determined by an on-site consultation as the area of treatment, the size of treatment, and the time it will take all factor into the final cost of your treatment.

How long does it take to see results?

Most people start to see results in three to four weeks post treatment. The real noticeable improvements won’t be registered until about eight weeks after. After that point you can still see some reduction, but the vast majority of fat cell reduction happens around the eight-week mark.

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