A fresh face is the first thing people notice, but your face is also one of the first things to notice the effects of time. This includes wrinkles, sagging skin, and other problem areas. Facelifts and injectables have long been the solution in hopes to turn back the hands of time, however the side effects of these methods can be harsh.

The newest method for face rejuvenation is known as ThermiSmooth.

With ThermiSmooth you can get all of the benefits of a new, wrinkle-free, fresh face, without the harsh side effects and in half the time. Continue reading to learn about the incredible benefits of ThermiSmooth.

Total rejuvenation

ThermiSmooth uses a small hand piece to deliver heat therapy to affected areas. The device is small enough to fit any size area of concern, and powerful enough to treat areas such as the buttocks, arms, thighs, etc. ThermiSmooth uses temperature-controlled heat settings that uses gradual heating, delicate enough for smaller areas such as the jaw and neck. ThermiSmooth reduces stubborn fat, lessens the appearance of cellulite, firms loose skin, and creates fine line and wrinkle reduction.

When it comes to stubborn fat, ThermiSmooth larger electrodes heat fat cells before they are released to give you a slimmer contour and figure. ThermiSmooth also easily lessens the appearance of cellulite. It works deep beneath within the skin and causes collagen fibers contract. Once these contractions occur, there is an immediate tightening of the skin.

ThermiSmooth uses smaller electrodes to lift tired and lax skin. This encourages the natural production of collagen. Lastly, ThermiSmooth can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Even skin as fragile as the eyes and mouth, ThermiSmooth supports collagen regeneration which smooths fine lines and wrinkles. This gentle treatment can keep you looking young and youthful for years to come.


The best part about ThermiSmooth is that it’s comfortable and pain free. It uses noninvasive procedures, without uncomfortable injections or painful incisions. ThermiSmooth is meant to be enjoyed like a warm massage.

With ThermiSmooth, heat is delivered in comfortable settings, which uses targeted light to heat deep layers of the skin, causing old, weakened collagen to shrink and allowing the growth of new, strong collagen fibers. It’s simply letting the skin that you already have grow freely. The ThermiSmooth device glides across the skin, you would never even notice how much it’s changing the way you look/ feel.

No downtime

With facelifts and injectables alike, there is some downtime needed for healing purposes. However, ThermiSmooth is meant for those with busy lives. Since there are no incisions or holes, after the treatment, you can get right back to your activities. With ThermiSmooth, simply schedule your treatment, relax, and get right back to work after. No one will even notice you had treatment! If your skin has needed a new pick-me-up, ThermiSmooth is the way to go!

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