It’s no secret that exercise is good for you. You’ve heard how cardio helps your heart and can strengthen muscles and your respiratory system. But not all exercise programs are created equal and you may find some places where you’ve been lacking inn your exercise routine could be the key for you to tackle your stubborn fat areas. Weightlifting and stretching are important components of an exercise routine that many people forgot about or avoid.

Also, noninvasive fat reduction procedures such as coolSculpting can help in places that weights and stretching can’t.

While cardio is important to get your blood flowing, it’s not the only exercise out there and it’s far from the best one for fat loss. While you shouldn’t abandon it altogether, you should incorporate more exercises into your routine that promote tackling the fatty problem areas you’ve been going at with cardio exercises. It’s not either/or, both are necessary to achieve your ideal body.

Below are some important takeaways for why stretching and strength training are so important for your health.

Bones Need Help Too

Bone density isn’t stagnant, you’ll start to lose it the older you get. Osteoporosis could be on your horizon if you don’t contribute to your bone density loss. Muscle training is one way to do that. When you take part in weight training, you put pressure on your bones which helps train them to maintain density and strength. If you regularly weight train, your bones will thank you for it.

Injury Prevention

Stretching has the important job of helping you avoid injuries. Stretching helps to gently prepare your muscles for movement and makes movement much easier by doing so. If you move too quickly, you can injure yourself by tearing a muscle not ready to be moved yet. Stretching helps prevent this. Strength training also assists by keeping your muscles strong and engaged.

Metabolism Boost and Fat Loss

The more muscle you have, the more your body has to work throughout the day, this means more calories burned in any activity you do. Muscles will even burn calories at rest. So building up your muscle mass will give your body more tools to burn through fat and calories that aren’t providing you with much. Stretch can also help you send nutrients more efficiently around your muscles to help keep the fat burn going.

Related Questions

Does this help with inflammation?

Yes! Strength training helps your body burn through glucose which can cause inflammation and be a real problem for those with Type 2 diabetes. Stretching also helps alleviate the pain and irritation inflammation can cause.

How can coolSculpting help?

If you’re doing all you can to get the body you want and still need extra support, coolSculpting technology can help shave down those problem areas of excess fat to help you achieve the body you deserve for your hard work. It’s a noninvasive and safe way to help reduce stubborn body fat effectively and can be found at a certified body spa near you.

Take the next step in your exercise routine and talk to a body sculpting expert about how you can achieve the body you want.

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