Deciding on pursuing some form of sculpting therapy for stubborn fat areas is only half the battle. Picking the sculpting procedure that will work best for your needs, your health, and your medical history is another step entirely and requires a bit more research. It’s important to remember that body contouring may not be right for you, it’s not a replacement to weight loss or exercise.

Procedures such as CoolScupting and Sculpsure can help those who have undergone a diet and exercise program and are need of more work to help them achieve the silhouette they want.

Both of these tactics are a form of targeted fat reduction that help remove some excess fat in trouble areas. It’s natural that your body stores fat in different, and sometimes very undesirable ways. After you’ve done the work to get healthy, body contouring is a great way to finish of your good work. But not all contouring options are alike and your body might need different things to make it work.

Below are some facts about CoolSculpting and Sculpsure to help you decide which option is the right pick for you.

The Big Difference

Th big difference between these two systems is the role temperature plays in the process. Coolsculpt freezes fat cells while Sculpsure uses heat and laser panels. Both systems utilize temperature to breakdown fat and destroy the cell integrity. And they both work for most, but which one is going to be right for you?


If there is one option that has a measurable advantage, it’s Coolsculpt. While there is not a huge difference between them, there is more clinical data behind Coolsculpt which gives it an advantage. Over 7 million Coolsculpt procedures have been performed to date and show a noticeable breakdown in fat after the procedure. Overall patient satisfaction gathered from exit surveys found a higher approval rate for CoolSculpt.

Side Effects

CoolSculpting has been pretty extensively studied and resulted in a few regular side effects such as irritation at application site. While Sculpsure has no side effects known outside the norm, it also has not been studied enough to definitively say it is equal to CoolSculpting when it comes to side effects and recovery time. While we know what to expect, we don’t have enough data to definitively say it’s a fact.

Related Questions

Is There a Difference in Price?

Both procedures are pretty comparable in price. There are some differences in how they go about pricing, however. CoolSculpt charges based on the type of piece needed for the procedure while Sculpsure charges by the laser panel. Pricing varies depending on what your goal and how many sessions it takes.

Does the Type or Level of Fat Matter?

There are some personal factors. CoolSculpting works better for thicker rolls of fat while Sculpsure works best for larger, but thinner layers of fat across an area.

Don’t book your appointment without doing research first. Different factors are going to make either procedure better for you. You know yourself best, you’ve done weight loss work, treat yourself right with the best option for you.

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