Everyone has problem areas when it comes to weight loss and shedding off pockets of fat. For many of us, that problem area is the fat that gathers underneath the chin resulting in a “double chin” effect. While excess fat on the area of your neck beneath your chin can be a sign of weight gain and the first place you will notice weight loss, a lot of times genetics simply cause the area to be holding more fat in some than others.

There are some ways to tackle double chin fat, and you might be surprised to learn that you can freeze the fat cells in a process called coolSculpting.

You can do exercises and monitor your food intake if you suspect it’s a weight issue. However, it may simply be a part of the genetics of how your body holds fat, which means you’re going to need to go about tackling it a little bit differently. We’ve got the details and options available for you to take on all possible causes of stubborn neck fat.

Below are some ways to tackle your double chin. Some may work for you or a combination of all may work.


There are some exercises designed to directly target this fatty area of the body. Some of them include doing tongue stretches, puckering your face, doing work with your bottom jaw, and even chewing gum. You can also do a form of sit up that helps your neck fat and muscles just as much as your abs. There are many ways to target this area.

Healthy Eating

Something you can try in combination with exercise targeting is healthy eating, as sometimes neck fat is the result of recent weight gain. You should make sure you get at least four servings of vegetables daily, eat whole grains, eat good fats, reduce sugar intake and processed foods, and make sure you correctly portion out meals. Also make sur you drink plenty of water throughout the day.


If diet and exercises have not done the trick in getting rid of your excessive neck fat and you’re still dealing with that double chin, you may need to seek other solutions. If the work isn’t enough to battle your genetics, then coolSculpting can be your solution by targeting the area and freezing the fat to reduce the fatty deposits in the area.

Related Questions

Does It Hurt?

CoolSculpting doesn’t hurt but can be uncomfortable for some as irritation afterwards is common. The procedure is noninvasive and usually results in some temporary irritation at the site of application, depending on your skin sensitivity.

Is There Recovery Time?

One of the best parts of coolSculpting is that there is little to know recovery time for patients because the procedure is noninvasive. While you may experience some redness and irritation, patients leave the procedure themselves the same day and some even go back to work or continue their day as needed.

Don’t let stubborn double chin fat haunt you. Get the look you’ve worked hard for with diet and exercise with some help from coolSculpting.

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