Although coolsculpting is a non-invasive therapy, it is still a good practice to be informed of what you would expect once you get there and what steps you can take to ensure things go smoothly with the best results possible being achieved.

What preparation is involved in CoolSculpting treatments?

Your weight needs to be very near ideal if not you’ll need to get it within acceptable range before your session. Your health needs to be optimal if you are taking a course of medication it must be completed before your appointment. Having a camera ready is also a good practice.

Unlike treatments such as liposuction which is designed to remove large amounts of fat deposits from the body CoolSculpting remains true to its name and is simply a sculpting tool. It is not intended as a solution to obesity and other related diseases. If you are in extreme excess of your ideal weight range, you must decrease this gap in order to remain qualified for the treatment.

As a non-invasive option, this treatment still has side effects such as bruising. It is important to ensure you are in good health and not on medications such as aspirin or fish oil at the time of your appointment as these supplements can increase the risk of bruising after the procedure. If you have fallen ill or have been ill, it is best to reschedule the treatment until you have regained your health.

Both you and your specialist may benefit from seeing the comparison of treated areas both before and after sessions. It is a good practice to secure a camera so you can document and compare your results to confirm the success of your treatment.

What can I wear to my CoolSculpting session?

Anything that is comfortable for you to move around it is a good option for attire. These can include sweatpants or track pants for men. For women sweatpants, track pants and even leggings can be good options.

How many appointments do I need to make to achieve ideal results?

Depending on the area, results can be achieved from just one session, however, difficult areas such as the stomach may require additional sessions to ensure your goal is achieved. You are free to schedule more sessions subsequent to these if you desire to have more work done in the future, but results have proven to be permanent.

Related Questions

How long does each appointment last?

It can take anywhere between thirty minutes and sixty minutes for your doctor to complete his or her work on a targeted area in a single session. Treatment periods do not and should not exceed this allotted time frame.

How soon would I be able to see the results?

Within your first month after treatment, you should begin to see visible results from this procedure. This is due to the fact that your body flushes these fat cells over time.

The physical checklist is not very long for this type of treatment, but your mental preparation can go a long way in ensuring a favorable experience. Regular exercise and healthy eating are also highly recommended and should be practiced to achieve maximum results and maintain good overall health.

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