Sometimes it can be incredibly frustrating for those who exercise regularly and eat right to have problem areas of high fat storage that just won’t go away no matter what they do. The unfortunate truth is that for many people this condition is genetic and hard to overcome just with lifestyle changes because the body will do what it is designed to do.

Love handles are a common problem area for many people and CoolSculpting might be an option.

Excess fat storage can be incredibly frustrating. But understanding why it happens and what you can do about it is crucial to not letting it ruin the good work you’ve already done with your body. That’s why we’ve got a guide below on what love handles are and how you can tackle them.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about love handles and taking on excess fat on the body.

What Are Love Handles?

Love handles are the part of your body that extends outwards from the hips. They’re the result of excess fat accumulation around the hips and abs and can, unfortunately, become much more pronounced when you wear tight clothing.

What Causes Love Handles?

The short answer is excessive fat storage. Women are genetically predisposed to store fat in the hips and abdominal area and the result is often love handles. Excess fat happens when you don’t burn as many calories as you take in and the excess energy is stored as fat on the body.

Different factors can play a role in how much fat is stored including hormone levels, your age, your level of physical activity, your diet, your sleep schedule, and any undiagnosed health condition that can slow down your metabolism.

How Do I Get Rid of Love Handles?

A good place to start is your diet. Cut down on high sugar and high fat foods and limit the amount of carbohydrates you take in. This will help keep your body from storing excess fat by doing away with the excess fat at the source. You can do core exercises to help burn the fat in the area and replace it with muscle, but this will take a lot of work. Ultimately, because of the genetic nature of love handles, one of the best things you can do for your body is look into CoolSculpting as a way to tackle the hard to beat areas of excess fat. CoolSculpting will enhance the results of your healthy eating and exercise.

Related Questions

Are there health risks to having loving handles?

Love handles themselves are not dangerous, but they could be signs of other conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, sleep apnea, a stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer of the colon or breast, liver disease, and osteoarthritis. It’s important to see your Doctor(s) regularly and keep things in check also continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with or without love handles.

What exercises target this area?

Side planks and side crunches are some of the best exercises to target the love handle area, but diet and exercise may not be enough to reshape the area. This is where body sculpting services can help.

Talk to your CoolSculpting professional about getting your love handles treated and living your best life with your best body!

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