For many people, the hardest part about diets and exercise is the lack of results people see in their own bodies. It can be hard for internal health to become more obvious on the outside, even as your body changes and you become healthier. Unfortunately, even the healthiest bodies can be programmed to store fat and muscle in different ways, leading to the body of your dreams feeling always out of reach.

It’s not secret we have a toxic culture of body images in the US, this is especially true for women. We’re constantly holding ourselves to standards that may not be biologically attainable and punishing ourselves for it. Further, for many people meditating into a healthy body image and healthy relationship with one’s own body is extremely hard and often not possible. So where do you turn to banish unwanted, negative thoughts about your own body?

Below are some ways to encourage positive body image for yourself and positive self-talk around your own body and how body sculpting services can help.

Celebrate What Your Body Can Do

Exercise is often advertised as a punishment, a necessary punitive measure we take in exchange for taking calories throughout the day. Words like “burn” and “power through” and “work off” excess dominate the space suggesting exercise as a way to rectify our daily need to consume calories to live. While you may feel in need of a run after a big Thanksgiving meal, exercise should not be done because of what you ate, it should be a celebration of what your body is capable of doing physically whether it be running a 5k, hitting your benching goal, or finally being able to stretch into a split.

Remember That You’re a Whole Person

Whatever it is about your body that bothers you, try to remember that you’re likely the only person fixated on it. The shape of your legs and stomach is only a tiny fraction of what makes up your whole body. You’ve got a great smile, good skin, maybe you love your hair. There are so many positive things about your body that others focus on rather than seeing the flaws you believe you have.

Be Wary of Social Media

In the age of Instagram, it’s hard not to feel in constant competition as people put up their favorite, pre-curated, and edited pieces of content. What you see is not the whole truth but rather, like Hollywood, a highly produced and highly selected image or video showing someone in their best possible clothes, light, and state. You could have that too if you spent hours getting ready, but you’re a human being and so are they. And that’s perfectly okay.

Related Questions

How can I combat my anxiety over calories?

The number of calories in a food item is big for many people who stick to arbitrary numbers around daily calorie counts. When you start to feel yourself fixating on that, replace that energy with something else: maybe you reward yourself with a bath or nap or break, or maybe you reach out to a friend and offer a positive complement. Something to shift around that negative energy.

How can body sculpting services help?

Sculpting procedures can help you tackle problem areas that keep you up at night. If your body positive habits aren’t working for you, you can talk to an expert about how to utilize sculpting to make stubborn area vanish. CoolSculpting services and truSculpt iD are two safe and effective ways to help you achieve your ideal body image. They are noninvasive and reduce stubborn fat without going to extremes.

CoolSculpting for fat reduction will enhance and optimize the results of a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy living and regular exercise. Body sculpting services such as truSculpt iD and coolSculpting are not a substitute for weight loss, however they will help you get the body you love.

Keep a healthy personal attitude about your own appearance and talk to a sculpting professional if you decide it’s right for you.

At Body Sculpting Spa St. Clair Shores, all procedures begin with a Free Consultation. Speaking to one of our sculpting professionals will help you determine which procedure fits your unique needs. We will assess the problem areas and design a treatment plan fit specifically for you, tailored to your body, budget, and goals – a customized plan.

Whether you are looking for fat reduction, skin tightening, ThermiSmooth for wrinkle smoothing, microneedling or luxurious spa treatments you have come to the right place. Get the body image you dream of in a safe and effective way. Call today and speak to a specialist!