All fat removal or reduction procedures come with their share of dangers. Some are more serious than others. Knowing the risks and how they compare against each other is vital information. It can help you make the safest choice while reaping the maximum benefit.

What are the risks involved with liposuction?

We will consider three possibilities: It requires anesthesia, there is a danger of damage to cellular structures, and you can also be at risk for an infection.


Anesthesia is designed to make you unconscious. In addition, it numbs the body from pain sensations. It can also produce temporary amnesia. This coma induced condition can have lingering effects. Some persons may experience temporary confusion, dizziness and bruising post-treatment.

Cellular Damage

This treatment is in fact prying. Cellular structures such as blood vessels and nerves can become a point of contact. Larger organs such as the lungs and muscles can also be affected. If damaged during surgery, these points of contact can lead to major complications.

Infection Risk

The healing process takes time. It is not guaranteed that this period would end without complications. Just as with any other invasive procedure, there is a risk for infection. Wounds must be properly cared for to ensure a full recovery.

What are the risks involved with alternative fat reduction procedures?

CoolSculpting and truSculpt iD

Minimal and temporary pain and swelling at the treatment site are common. These alternative options may use methods such as temperature control. Targeted areas of the body are exposed to freezing temperatures. Other selections may use radiofrequency energy to produce heat in targeted areas.

In both cases, exposure to the extreme will cause the body to react. Pain at the affected site can be expected. There may even be bruising at these points. These side effects tend to correct themselves within hours or days and for most pose no threat or concern.

Invasive vs Noninvasive Treatment Methods

Both methods leave you with discomforting side effects. You will be in some degree of pain after the procedure. They will both leave visible signs such as bruising or redness. Noninvasive options do not come into direct contact with internal structures. There is no risk of damage. This makes them a preferred option by many and the safer choice.

Result Margins

It is important to note that there are differing degrees of results. Noninvasive methods do small amounts at a time and work generally on targeted areas. Invasive treatments have the ability to be more thorough. They can cover larger areas with a wider service range.

Weighing the pros and cons of each process is helpful. Knowing what you want out of your treatment can also make your decision clear. It is vital to consider your options with a healthcare professional. This can help you to make the best-educated decision possible.

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