There’s a lot of diet fads out there. Counting calories, grams of sugar, grams of fat, monitoring protein intake, staying plant based, incorporating fish. One popular dietary practice that’s been easy to maintain for many people is a lower carb diet. There’s a lot of literature out there about low carb diets and the best ways to reduce unwanted pockets of fat as a result.

For the stubborn fat that doesn’t go away with a healthy diet and regular exercise there are noninvasive procedures available to help you achieve your body image goals.

Low carb diets seem simple enough on the surface, but there’s a lot that goes into carbs and your body and a lot of other effects you may not have realized.

It’s not just carbs itself, but reduced appetite, better nutrients, and more. There are pros and cons to any dietary restriction, and low carb diets are no exception.

Some facts, both good and bad, about low carb diets and the positive and negative effects they can have on your body.

Controlled Appetite

One of the first benefits you’ll notice with a low carb diet is your appetite is curbed. Carbs are burned at a faster rate in the body, which means fullness doesn’t last. On top of lowering your carb intake, you tend to eat more protein which can make you feel fuller for longer throughout your day.

Quick Weight Loss

A low carb diet will shed pounds faster than a low-fat diet. A low carb diet will rid you of water weight, bloating, and easy to get rid of excess. So it’s a very simple way to shed a few inches off your waist line without waiting weeks to see results. It should be noted, however, that more work will have to be done to shed real fat off your body once you go through the initial weight loss stage.


Low carb diets can help your cholesterol count. Eating less carbs means you fill in the space with more fats and, as long as they’re good fats, they can help your good cholesterol level and help you lower your bad cholesterol. This helps your overall cardiovascular health.

Related Questions

What Are Some Low Carb Foods?

Carbohydrates exist in large quantities in fruits, vegetables, starches, and breads. Not all carbs are the same and your body still needs carbs so eating fruits and vegetables instead of bread or gluten foods is the way to go on your low carb diet.

What Do I Do When I Stop Losing Weight?

If you still have problem areas after losing a fair amount of weight from a low carb diet, truSculpt iD can be the solution to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that your diet and isolated exercise isn’t taking care of.

There’s a lot of ways to tackle problem fat areas. A low carb diet is a great start and can be assisted by a visit to your local truSculpt iD office for some help in the problem areas!

TruSculpt iD is a fat reduction procedure that is safe, versatile, and effective. Clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas like the abdomen, love handles, chin, thighs, and other specialized areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise, it results in an average of 24% fat reduction in one treatment.

Body Sculpting Spa in St Clair Shores MI is an advanced Certified Body Sculpting Center that specializes in noninvasive fat reduction and body sculpting procedures. A consultation always takes place before a procedure so that we can help you make an educated decision on procedures and products that are right for you.

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