Noninvasive body sculpting procedures such as coolSculpting, ThermiSmooth, and truSculpt iD are rising in popularity. You may have heard of them and have no idea what they entail or maybe you’ve done extensive research into their benefits and want to try it for yourself.

Either way, it can’t be denied that body sculpting procedures are popular and growing.

Which is good news for those of us looking for an answer to stubborn bodyfat areas.

There’s a lot to love about noninvasive procedures. First and foremost, the lack of recovery time or any sort of surgery damage is a huge plus for people who find they can even get the procedures done on their lunchbreak and be back at work later that day with the fat burning already at work. But let’s dig into what makes the procedure right for you and which one you should look at.

Below is some important information about sculpting procedures and some advice on how to pick the procedure that is best for you.

What Makes It Noninvasive?

While there are many procedures out there that are incredibly invasive and actually go under the skin to help remove fat, these procedures do not and that’s part of what makes them so popular. They use surface treatments across the skin with temperatures that help to break down fat cells. It’s quick, easy, and you can get back to your day shortly after the treatment is over.


Thanks to the ease of the procedure, the recovery is easy. While no procedure is 100% risk free, these procedures carry a lot lower chance of something going terribly wrong. The side effects are mild and include skin irritation at the site of the procedure and maybe some mild pain but not much more than that, depending on your own sensitives and allergies that is. Ultimately, there is very little complication with this procedure which makes it ideal for a lot of people.

Targeted Treatment

One of the huge draws of these procedures is the way it can target specific areas. If you’ve lost weight but still maintain pockets of stubborn fat, this procedure is a quick and simple fix to help take those areas away and give you the body you deserve after your hard work. Bellies, thighs, and under arms are common areas to hit for many patients.

Related Questions

Which procedure is right for me?

That depends on your body. Some procedures, like coolSculpt iD, use cold to help freeze fat cells and dissolve them. Others, like ThermiSmooth use heat. It all depends on what you think your body will be more sensitive to but in most cases, you can’t go wrong with either.

How much does it cost?

Another beauty of this procedure is the cost. While surgeries in body contouring can set you back several thousand for just a single procedure, a package of multiple treatments starts around $1700 for noninvasive body contouring procedures. Prices vary and there are factors such as the number of cycles and applicators needed that contribute to determining price.

Noninvasive body contouring can be your key to a happy lifestyle after work to lose weight pays off. Look into your options and pick the one right for you.

The best way to determine how much CoolSculpting as well as other body sculpting procedures will cost is to schedule a Free Consultation. At Body Sculpting Spa, St Clair Shores scheduling a free consultation with one of our specialists is the first step in the body contouring process.

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