When it comes to noninvasive fat removing procedures, your mind likely goes right to CoolSculpting. It is the most popular option on the market for noninvasive procedure to dwindle away some unwanted fat. But it’s far from the only option. truSculpt iD is the next generation of personalized body sculpting and fat removing procedures.

The truSculpt iD approach is unique and offers options that many other sculpting technologies don’t.

The biggest draw to noninvasive sculpting procedures is the lack of downtime, which is true for truSculpt iD as well, but it has the added benefit of hitting problem areas normally missed by other sculpting technologies, flexible treatment configurations, and versatility in different fat densities.

Below is a quick exploration into the benefits of truSculpt iD and how it can benefit you on your journey to sculpt the best body you can imagine for yourself beneath your skin.

RF Energy Technology

While CoolSculpting freezes fat cells as a process of removal, truSculpt iD utilizes RF (radiofrequency) energy to take on fat cells. The uniform delivery of heat (while maintaining average skin temperature on the surface) gets far below the skin and muscle to handle fat cells at different densities. It results in an average fat reduction of 24% roughly 3 months after the initial treatment to the area.

No Down Time

While CoolSculpting also offers no downtime, it does have a few aftereffects that you won’t find in truSculpt iD. CoolSculpting usually results in a minimal burning sensation at application site as a result of the freezing of cells and can cause some irritation. truSculpt iD maintains a comfortable temperature, despite using RF energy to breakdown adipose cells. As a result, there is little irritation after the fact.


As mentioned, a 24% reduction in fat has been reported in patients 12 weeks after treatment. The treatment has been proven to reduce inflammation and encourage fat necrosis up to 1.5 centimeters beneath the surface of the skin. This is a disintegration of fat cells fairly deep below the surface resulting in smaller clothing sizes, a more desirable silhouette, and reduction in problem areas.

Related Questions

Is There Skin Sagging?

A common problem with fat removal programs is the loose skin left behind. The good news is, truSculpt iD also tightens skin. The same technology that reduces adipose cells also help to tighten skin to reduce the amount of “flab” left over when fat cells start to disappear.

Are the Results Permanent?

One big fear of many is that after a few weeks or months, they’ll find the fat has returned to their problem areas. The good news is truSculpt iD’s results are permanent, causing fat cell necrosis, permanently destroying the fat cells to maintain the positive effects of truSculpt iD.

There’s more than one option out there for noninvasive sculpting and fat removal technology. Know your options and figure out what works for you to get the body you want! Body Sculpting Spa in St Clair Shores makes sure that you choose the right fat reduction option that is best for you by listening to your concerns and providing you with information. A consultation always takes place before a procedure so that we can help you make an educated decision on procedures and products that are right for you.

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