Stubborn fat has met its match with truSculpt iD! The newest innovative non-surgical non-invasive fat reduction treatment. There are other body contouring treatments out there, sure… but none as quick, reliable, and innovative as truSculpt iD.

If you are searching for a nonsurgical way to reduce fat, then truSculpt iD may be right for you.

Read on to learn more about fat reduction with truSculpt iD.

TruSculpt iD is personalized to YOUR body, the handsfree handpieces are placed to the problem areas. Existing body contouring treatment systems only work on people who are already fit, truSculpt iD is made to treat a broader range of body types! No more placement limitation as with the competitors- Multiple areas can be treated easily simultaneously. The handpieces can be placed over multiple fat pockets making treatment time the most efficient.

TruSculpt iD uses Radiofrequency Energy (or RF) to deliver heat to the localized fat layer while maintaining a temperature that comfortable for the skin. The temperature is monitored throughout the treatment, adjusting to reach the ideal temperature to damage fat cells while also keeping the skin cool and comfortable. This fat-heat selectivity damages fat cells irreversibly, the cells are removed from the body naturally throughout a 12-week process.

During RF treatment, the entire layer of fat is treated. It has been clinically proven to permanently destroy the fat cells for an average of 24% fat reduction.

We saved the best information for last… truSculpt iD only takes 15 minutes from start to finish! AND there is absolutely no downtime no matter what area is treated- arms, thighs, stomach, etc. You’ll see a difference just 12 weeks after treatment and wonder where truSculpt iD has been all your life.

All the other body contouring treatments take up to an hour and only work for certain body types. truSculpt iD is convenient and perfect for any body type! Got stubborn fat in difficult areas? Try trusculpt iD and be forever changed- literally!

To find out if you are a candidate for this amazing procedure, schedule a Free & no-obligation consultation at Body Sculpting Spa with one of our specialists. This procedure is versatile and effective to treat a wide range of patients who may not be a candidate for other contouring procedures. At Body Sculpting Spa we offer an array of spa services such as CoolSculpting, ThermiSmooth, Permanent Makeup as well as Microneedling. Call us at 586-944-0140 to learn more about our treatments and services!