Losing weight especially in those stubborn hard to reach places can be an uphill battle for many and yet it is only half the fight. Another large part of the war is one’s ability to keep it off and knowing if truSculpt iD may be a plausible option for fat reduction.

What should you expect with the truSculpt ID fat reduction treatment?

It can take up to six weeks to see visible results after a single fifteen-minute treatment. The results from an individual procedure lasts permanently.

The process used for truSculpt iD takes a unique approach in that it directly attacks the fat from a cellular level. It does this by applying heat evenly to a selected area using low radio frequency energy. This penetrates the skin’s layers straight through to the muscle. While regular cells are unaffected, fat stores are irreparably damaged. This allows your built-in retrieval system to do exactly what it was trained to which is eliminate dead and damaged cells. They are therefore flushed out of the body through your excrement.

Proven effective by means of an ultrasound, data indicated that a reduction of up to 24% can be achieved through this process due to the level of exposure experienced during treatment. You can begin to see visible results from your procedure as early as six weeks after your appointment. The process will continue up to twelve weeks after your initial meeting in order to complete the elimination cycle.

Since this process makes good use of your natural built in systems and abilities, it presents with permanent results. Once the cells are damaged they will be expelled. This is not to say that you will now be incapable of developing fat cells ever again, however, the ones that occupied the treatment area will be permanently removed with no chance of those specific cells returning to the body.

Related Questions

What is low radio frequency energy?

Low radio frequency energy is a specific type of radiation that exists in such low quantities that it is not strong enough to cause DNA damage but can be used to produce localized heat to attack and cause damage to a selected area.

Does this procedure result in excess skin?

Due to the action of this type of radio frequency energy, your body is toned while the fat is being removed. What helps with the toning is the slow processing period which allows your body to adjust to its new niche.

If you are searching for a way to safely remove excess fat while keeping your body toned and looking good, TruSculpt ID may be just the non-invasive option you have been looking for. However, in order to be a candidate for any body sculpting procedure, a healthy diet and regular exercise is always recommended.

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