TruSculpt iD body sculpt is the latest solution to fat melting technology after the success of noninvasive treatments. The treatment is highly customizable, often hands free, and lacks many of the more irritating side effects of coolSculpting procedures.

TruSculpt iD delivers energy to entire lawyers of fat, kick starting the body’s immune system to start breaking down fat in specific areas.

If you’re going in for any sort of fat sculpting treatment, you’re going in to see results pretty fast; up to 24% fat reduction. That’s the draw when it comes to sculpting procedures. And truSculpt iD offers among the fastest results for the least amount of invasive treatment. Still, it will require a tiny bit of patience on your end.

If you’re considering truSculpt iD, we’ve put together some of what you can expect from the procedure and how long it will take for you to see results.

How Quickly Does It Work?

This answer is going to change for everyone who undergoes the procedure. Generally speaking, however, a noticeable change will take a month up to four months to fully take effect. This is a step up from coolSculpting which can take half a year to fully realize results. You also may see results faster than that depending on how your body responds to the treatment.

Does This Tighten My Skin?

One of the things truSculpt iD has on coolSculpting is that it also helps treat the skin. Many people find when they start to lose fat, their skin does not immediately shrink back down and they’re left with somewhat flabby areas. truSculpt iD also tightens your skin to give you the best of your melted fat.

After Procedure Treatment

You’ll receive soothing oil after the treatment to help any irritated skin. One way to promote a faster response time from your body and help the procedure along is to drink a lot of water. The fat will be processed by the lymphatic system and then passed out of the body with your urine. So, you’ll want to make sure you’re hydrating to help it along.

Related Questions

Is the Procedure Painful?

The procedure requires no anesthetic and requires no incisions or invasive elements. In fact, many patients describe the treatment as similar to a hot stone massage. Your skin may react differently to different levels of heat, but the procedure is, as a default, virtually pain free for most patients without a preexisting condition.

How Much Does It Cost?

This will depend on how big of an area and how many areas you’re hitting with your treatment. The general retail price, however, is around $750 to $800 per treated area. You can isolate and hit specific areas or do a wider treatment. It just depends on your budget. Most spas that specialize in these treatments often run specials and have sale packages so make sure to ask.

Hopefully this gave you some insight into what to expect from your treatment and recovery time. Look at your options and your needs while looking into body sculpting procedures!

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Our noninvasive fat reduction services include coolSculpting, truSculpt iD, ThermiSmooth, Fibroblast and more! So if you are thinking about a new you, call Body Sculpting Spa today to schedule a consultation with one of our body sculpting specialists and don’t forget to ask about our Fall Specials and Packages!